What is Endodontics ?

Endodontics is necessary when the pulp ( the soft tissue inside the tooth containing blood vessels , nerves and connective tissue) becomes inflamed or diseased . During a root canal , the dentist or endodontist ( a dentist who specializes in treating the inside of the teeth ) removes the affected pulp. The pulp chamber and root canal of the tooth is cleaned and sealed . If the infected pulp is not removed , it could hurt and swell , and it may be necessary to extract the tooth.

The causes of infected pulp may include:

  • A deep cavity
  • Repeated dental procedures
  • A broken tooth
  • Tooth injuries (even if there is no visible a crack or break )

If you continue taking care of your teeth and gums, a restored tooth could last a lifetime. However , regular reviews are necessary ; a tooth without nerve may also have cavities or periodontal disease. Most of the time , a root canal is a relatively simple procedure causing little or no discomfort and takes place in one to three visits . Above all , you can save the tooth and smile.

The root canal treatment procedure is:

  1. Review
  2. Making endodontics.
  3. Placing Post
  4. Placing the crown (porcelain or zirconia )