Clínica dental del centro comes from the idea of its founder , Mr. Rodriguez, who had a vision of forming a clinic, in order to attend to a sector that requires good dental service at an affordable cost considering the quality of their service. The founder started clinic in a future, but with the idea to form a dental future, same clinic that would be the best clinic in the region, from the hand of all who comprise it.

Offer our patients the best service at the best price with our highly trained dentists. Offering comfort, quality and durability in all our work , the better diagnosis and an excellent result in our dental work , to show the best smile of each client.

Be a national clinic with the best dentists and the best prices, in which the whole family identifies us as a reference and consult with the confidence that is in the best hands.

Clinica Dental del Centro guarantee quality at affordable costs through more trained personnel and equipment more cutting edge , it facilitates us to provide an immediate convenience of each customer.

Our clinic is grounded in its institutional values . Empathy with each of our patients , coupled with our work ethic , teamwork , honesty , professionalism , continuing education and innovation , resulting in a sustained social contribution towards each client who comes to us.