The dental implant is your choice

The best way to retrieve your teeth is through the dental implant in which through biocompatible materials, is inserted to the bone to maintain the prosthesis fixed or fixed teeth. The most modern, durable and better satisfaction smile.

The dental implant is the most modern dentures and for patients who require a better job and do not want to lower their healthy parts for placement of dental bridges. its accessible compared elsewhere but with the best materials and prostheses in zirconia for greater satisfaction cost.

dental implant a medical device designed to replace the root ball and keep the artificial tooth in place. Usually it is threadably and is made of biocompatible materials that do not produce rejection reaction and allow binding to bone. The implant surface may have different textures and coatings, commonly used to increase adhesion to the bone.

The advantages we have with dental implants are :

Satisfaction of your prothesis in excellent condition.

Quality in the process and outcome .

Tranquility of being in highly trained doctors.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Zirconia prosthesis