Meet the Dental Plates

They are prostheses for toothless or persons missing teeth which are a good choice dental plaque .

The procedure to improve the appearance of your smile is:

Review first time to generally diagnose

You will be given a budget which will have 2 options in dental plaque .

They will be a total of 4 events in which different tests are performed

( There is the option of a single day , only here would have to wait to perform the procedures that take most of the day )

It takes the impression of your mouth

roller test used to view the bite , spaces and aesthetics of your teeth and aesthetics of which is done is put

He makes a joint that is to review the bite and tooth and with the procedure wax

The fourth event is to see the already completed plate and see some details that need to be revised deliver

Advantages of our dental plates

A year written warranty ( extendable up to 2) life time up to 8 years

Accessible prices

Quality in our work

Satisfaction of your smile

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